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  Hygienic Clamping Assembly

Ruland has developed a new shaft collar for washdown applications to help protect equipment from bacteria buildup. Hygienic clamping assemblies feature a patent pending assembly containing a type 303 stainless steel shaft collar, a two-piece housing made from FDA compliant materials, and three O-rings with NSF H1 registered lubricant. Hygienic applications in the food processing, packaging, and medical industries benefit from the reduced risk of bacterial contamination provided by this shaft collar.

Traditional shaft collars have hot spots such as saw cuts, screw pockets, and surface imperfections where bacteria can grow and spread within the system. These spots are difficult to clean and not always accessible. Hygienic clamping assemblies eliminate these hot spots and provide a smooth uninterrupted surface for easy cleaning, making them a safer alternative to standard collars.

Hygienic collars can be used as an interchange for traditional shaft collars that are being used as guides, spacers, clamping devices, and hard stops. They offer holding power similar to clamp style shaft collars and allow for simple adjustments without marring the shaft.

Ruland’s hygienic clamping assemblies are IP69K rated against the ingress of dust and water up to 176°F/80°C with 10 MPa of pressure. The IP69K rating is important for industries where equipment must be carefully sanitized.

Hygienic clamping assemblies are supplied with a zinc-plated forged alloy screw for maximum holding power and are available for shaft sizes ranging from 1/4” to 1” or 6mm to 25mm.


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